Main Line Delicacies

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw. May it be travelling to new places or finding the best place to hangout around you. The Art of Eating is about the best food and wine—what they are, how they are produced, where to find them (the farms, markets, shops, restaurants). Despite all of the other great things food brings to the table, people eat food because of the way it tastes. Whether it’s the sweetness of the glaze on a donut or the spicy flavor of wasabi on a sushi roll, eating and enjoying good tasting food is what a food lovers life is all about. Overall, food is much more than what it seems on the surface. It is powerful and makes differences in people’s everyday lives. 

Delicacies Around You

Whether you grew up in the suburbs or are a Philly transplant, chances are you’ve heard mixed reviews of the Main Line. The area gets a bad rep for being full of snobs, but it has a lot more to offer than a Starbucks on every corner, a Mercedes on every street, and a fully-functioning cricket club. 

Best Brunches You Can Enjoy

Middle Child: Breakfast sandwiches are on the menu all day every day at Middle Child. They are so good that they almost make up for all the lost brunches of weekends past. The classic Breakfast Sandwich comes packed with an unholy amount of eggs, sharp American cheese, and arugula.
Midtown Village.

Renata’s Kitchen: All-day brunch never felt so good (or emotionally necessary). Dig into a wide array of omelets, breakfast entrees, hummus, and plenty of sweets daily starting at 8am.
University City.


Cool Down Yourself With These Ice Cream Shops

Franklin Ice Cream Bar: Artisanal ice cream scoops, bars, and topping jars are all up for delivery and takeout at the Franklin Ice Cream Bar, along with a few vegan options to please everyone. You just can’t go wrong with sea salt caramel in a cup with a sugar cone on top. 
Old City.

Somerset Splits: Head to Somerset Splits (with a mask on) any day to order at the ice cream shop’s window for takeaway. Ice cream, shakes, floats, sundaes and of course, splits are all up for grabs, and be ready to pay via Venmo or Apple Pay. 
Port Richmond


Places to Eat & Drink at the Main Line

Teresa’s Next Door: Located (naturally) next door to Teresa’s Cafe, the adjacent option offers an extensive beer list that has brews. The spot is also a refreshing alternative to stuffy suburban spots thanks to late night hours throughout the week (the kitchen stays open until midnight, and doors close at am everyday), as well as an eclectic food menu that serves to complement the drink list perfectly.

The concept of Alba began as an effort to create a restaurant that not only uses high quality, locally produced foods, but also offers contemporary wholesome cuisine in a sophisticated yet comfortable setting. 

A well-kept secret in the heart of horse country, this cozy, cottage-like pub offers authentic shepherd’s pie, a savory-crunchy Scotch egg, and traditional bangers and mash. 

A hidden gem for Lebanese favorites like baba ghanoush, kebbeh, and tabbouleh. The succulent lamb burgers are prepared three ways.

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