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Maybe you’re a longtime resident looking for something novel to do. Or you are new to town and curious about available outings and activities. Perhaps you are trying to provide a special experience for someone who is visiting you here. Either way, the greater Philadelphia area offers plenty of options. Some adventures are Philadelphia-centric, like touring the Italian Market or seeing where the Declaration of Independence was signed. You can also find laser tag places and shopping malls that are less locally-oriented.  If you are here for a longer period of time, you’ll probably want to find out a little more about other activities. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping options and movie theaters as well as places to golf or play laser tag.

The Shoppe's Guide

Main Line, making itself a worthy spot for shopping destination. Here are some of the best shopping spots at the main line.


Element Six Clothing: You’ll find only brands that are socially and environmentally conscious at this Eagle Village shop. The women’s apparel and smattering of accessories are all quietly cool by designers .
Eagle Village Shops, 503 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, 610-688-1519.


Waltzing Matilda: Everything here is handmade of top-notch leather. The sandals are incredible, and you won’t want to leave without checking out the bags (weekenders, totes) and small accessories (wallets, belts, tech accessories). 
21 West Avenue, Wayne, 610-688-1500.


Valley Forge Flowers: A new addition to this Main Line stalwart added 7,000 square feet to the already spacious garden emporium. In this two-and-a-half story barn, you’ll find outdoor living essentials (furniture, plants, garden essentials); in the original space only 20 feet away from the barn  you can shop decor, furniture, barware, and other small accessories. Need a break? Visit their in-store cafe for mid-shopping fuel.
Eagle Village Shops, 503 Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, 610-687-5566.

Shopping @ Main Line

Today, though, a host of stellar shops has found its way to the Main Line, making this spot a worthy shopping destination. From updated tried-and-tried mainstays (Valley Forge Flowers) to new kids on the block (Blue Octagon), here are the best shopper stops at the Main Line.

Outlets Around You

The trend has grown as the mall’s traditional role has changed and internet competition has forced malls to be more creative, which means installing restaurants, a groceries, to make the visit worth repeating. Outlets have taken on a life of their own and most manufacturers have dedicated lower-priced lines for outlet store.

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