The Silverspoon Restaurant

At the Silver spoon, each day brings a new sensory opportunity. Fresh produce, always seasonal, arrives daily. Fish, exceedingly fresh, arrives from sustainable and best-practice fisheries. Humanely, farm-raised meats and poultry, free of hormones, antibiotics, and by-products are carefully trimmed, and made ready for your delectation and our classically trained chefs are busy orchestrating dishes which weave this daily bounty into a Contemporary American tasting treat for your palate.
The casual bouchon-style atmosphere features large windows that flood the room with sun during the day. In the evening, the dining room provides a relaxed candle-lit atmosphere. But the food provides the essential colors here. In fact, dining at The Silver spoon is a treat for all your senses, from our sumptuous starters through our irresistible desserts.

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